Optional Extra Cover Available For Trailers



  • Cover is available for specified  trailers including cover  whilst attached and detached.
  • The policyholder/driver  must have the correct licence to tow the trailer in question.
  • Comprehensive cover may be granted for specified trailer.  This will extend cover to include accidental loss, damage, fire damage or theft.
    Note: Third party cover will not be offered on A-Frame trailers.
  • Only small trailers suitable for the camper on cover will be considered.
  • Standard types will include small “A frame” trailers designed to tow additional luggage, small cars or small boats.
  • Horseboxes are not acceptable under any circumstances.
  • Maximum value is €8,000/£6,500.
  • The trailer must be owned by the policyholder and stored in a safe place with a suitable locking device.

NOTE:  This cover does not apply to what is being towed on the trailer. 

If you wish to avail of cover, please fill in the form below.

There is an additional premium of €150 or ( £150 for Northern Ireland Client) for this extension.

Please note:

No changes are in force until confirmed by a member of the Campervan team

Trailer Cover Request Form

Client Name

Client Code (if known)

Vehicle Reg

Make and Model of trailer

What size is the trailer?

What is the carrying capacity of the trailer?

Has the insured the correct license type for towing the trailer?

What will the trailer be used for?

Will the trailer be used in connection with any business or profession?

What is the value of the trailer?

Storage: where is the trailer kept?

How is the trailer locked?

Is this replacing an existing trailer that is on cover?

We require front and back pictures of the trailer.
Upload Front Picture

Upload Back Picture

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