Business Protection

There are 185,000 Small to Medium Enterprises in Ireland!

Own Business

You’ve worked hard to build up your business so it is important to you, and you are important to it! What would happen if you were unable to work, due to illness, injury or death!

The solution; You can take out a policy (for a pre-selected amount), to fund recruitment of a manager to run the business on your behalf.


Partners/co-directors, should consider the impact of a death on your business. What would happen to the deceased’s shareholding? Would a spouse or family member take over, or would the surviving partner(s) be in a position to buy out a shareholding and continue on?

The solution can lie in an agreement to cover each other, the lump sum utilised to purchase shares. This allows the business to continue without the interference from a family member (who may not have the skills to contribute), and also provides a lump sum for the family of the deceased.

It is important to take advice as to the value and the share held by each.

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    Age Next Birthday Sum Assured Term Monthly Premium Monthly Premium
    Convertible Non smoker Smoker
    25 100000 40 10.00 16.46
    30 100000 35 11.22 19.19
    35 100000 30 12.72 22.66
    40 100000 25 15.09 28.84
    45 100000 20 19.73 39.95
    50 100000 15 27.35 59.21
    55 100000 10 38.73 77.82
    60 100000 5 39.70 89.98
    Rates assume term to age 65
    All quotes assume normal rates apply
    All rates include convertible option
    Rates are correct as at 14/4/2016, and are subject to change
    Rates are currently best in market