With Deposit Interest Rates at all-time lows, many clients with large savings are having to look further afield for a home for their wealth. Unit linked Investment Funds tend to be multi sectoral, geographically broad and involve combinations of Cash, Government Gilts, Equities and Property, depending on the level of risk involved.

There are a wide range of Funds available and vying for your notice. Before choosing, you should follow certain steps;

  • Establish your Attitude to Financial Risk
  • Match your Risk Rating with that of the funds you research
  • See the expected Range of Returns (Ups and Downs)

Research has shown that clients “Hate the Downs”, much more than they “Love the Ups”!

We can prepare a report for you, which will take into account your Risk Profile, existing Investments/Deposits and your time frame.

The report will match you to a Fund(s), and will highlight it’s composition and it’s track record.

This type of Plan may suit you if you:

  • Want to invest for at least 5 years
  • Have at least €20,000 to invest
  • Are prepared to risk getting back less than your original investment
  • Want to invest in a fund with a wide range of Fund options, and
  • Are prepared for the value of your fund to vary over time