Over 50s Life Cover

This provides Guaranteed Life cover to an age group that might find it difficult to get Life assurance, due to age and health.

Guaranteed and Available. No Health Questionnaire! Very easily set up!

Main Points

  • Premium is guaranteed for life, providing a guaranteed level of cover
  • In first two years, death benefit is a return of premium paid, unless for accidental death.
  • After initial two years, cover is full amount agreed
  • Premium is payable until age 90, after which cover is provided free of charge.
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    Over 50s Guaranteed Cover
    Age Next Sum Monthly
    Birthday Assured Premium  €
    55 10000 32.24
    60 10000 43.06
    65 10000 58.41
    70 10000 81.54
    75 10000 110.35
    80 10000 177.59
    Premium guaranteed until age 90.
    Cover free after age 90.
    S.A. for 1st 2 years is return of premium, unless by accidental death. After 2nd year full sum assured for life.