Take out a Pension before Friday 27th October and receive a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

Subject to a minimum payment of €350 per month for at least one year.

Free Samsung Galaxy

Free Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Key Specifications:

Display – 10.10-inch
Processor – 1.6GHz octa-core
Front Camera – 2-megapixel
Kid Friendly – Yes
Resolution – 1920×1200 pixels
OS – Android 6.0
Storage – 16GB
Rear Camera – 8-megapixel
WIFI – Yes
Bluetooth – Yes

PAYE Employee Tax Relief

If you are a PAYE employee you can avail of tax relief for the tax year of 2016 by making and backdating pension contributions once the claim is made by 31st October 2017.

You will need to pay the contribution into the appropriate pension plan depending on whether you were a Schedule E employee for the 2016 and whether or not you are a member of their employer’s occupation pension scheme.

If you are no longer in employment in the company where you were a member of the occupational pension scheme you cannot make any further contributions in relation to your income earned from that employment.

If you decide to backdate a contribution you must first make sure that you have not already received tax relief in that year.

Note: If a pension contribution is deducted from payroll then tax relief is automatically given in the relevant tax year.

To avail of this you must:

  • Return completed Tax Form 12 online by 14th November 2017
  • Return completed Tax Form 12 by post to your local Revenue Office by 31st October 2017.
  • Any supporting documents, accounts, certificates etc. should not be sent in to Revenue, but instead should be kept safely in case they are requested by Revenue at a later date.

Form 12 and further details can be found on www.revenue.ie

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I have worked in the financial services industry for the last 12 years, focusing mostly on investments and portfolio management. I’m a graduate of UCD and Dublin Business School.

I now serve on the Board of Directors of Dolmen Insurance Brokers Ltd., where my focus is on the company’s non-general business including life assurance, pensions and investments.

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Declan Wyer

Life and Pensions Consultant

Hi, My name is Declan Wyer and I’m Life and Pensions Manager at Dolmen Insurances. I’m a qualified Financial Advisor and have over 30 years experience in financial services.

I worked for 20 years for AIB where I worked with personal and commercial clients, helping them with their protection needs, rebuilding their pensions and advising them on how to make the best use of the tax law.

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