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Are you worried about your business if you are unable to work, due to illness, injury or death! 

Detailed below is a quick overview of what you must do, should you own the business on your own or in partnership with another person. 

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Own Business

You’ve worked hard to build up your business so it is important to you, and you are important to it! What would happen if you were unable to work, due to illness, injury or death!

The solution; You can take out a policy (for a pre-selected amount), to fund recruitment of a manager to run the business on your behalf.


Partners/co-directors, should consider the impact of a death on your business. What would happen to the deceased’s shareholding? Would a spouse or family member take over, or would the surviving partner(s) be in a position to buy out a shareholding and continue on?

The solution can lie in an agreement to cover each other, the lump sum utilised to purchase shares. This allows the business to continue without the interference from a family member (who may not have the skills to contribute), and also provides a lump sum for the family of the deceased.

It is important to take advice as to the value and the share held by each.

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Rates assume term to age 65
All quotes assume normal rates apply
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Rates are correct as at 14/4/2016, and are subject to change
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Our Business Protection Team

Dave Dillane

Dave Dillane

Managing Director Call: 01 802 2304 Email:

As the Managing Director, my role is to ensure that the company can fulfil its goals. This is achieved by ensuring that every section of the company has adequate resources, training and focus. I am here to assist our teams in every way possible. I am also responsible for the company’s adherence to all the regulation and rules within which we must operate. I am also very focused on customers, making sure their needs are fully met by our service levels.I make sure that I get involved in any claim where there are any difficulties to smooth the path to a successful outcome.

I also actively take part in looking after Commercial customers, farm business and our apartment block facility.

Áine Derham

Áine Derham

Life and Pensions account manager Call: 086 245 3407 Email:

Hello I have been working in in the insurance industry for over 30 years

As a qualified financial advisor I can advise you on all types of Protection Products such as Life Cover, Income Protection, Inheritance Tax,
Mortgage Protection, Co- Directors Insurance & Keyman Cover.

I can also assist in reviewing your Pensions be they, Personal, Company or Paid Up Pension in doing so we can work together to
ensure they meet your retirement expectations .

Please feel free to contact me and I can provide you, your family and your business security through a complete financial review.

Shauna Forrester

Shauna Forrester

Life and Pensions Call: 01 8022335 Email:

Hi my name is Shauna Forrester and I am part of the Life & Pensions Team. I have worked as a Life & Pensions Administrator for 4 years.

My role as Administrator is dealing with new clients at the proposal stage of their protection & pension plans, helping existing clients with any queries in regards to their plans.

Liaising with life companies & underwriters on behalf of the client on a daily basis along with general admin duties. 


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