Maximising Your Restaurant Insurance: Why Consulting a Professional Insurance Broker Can Save You Money

Maximising Your Restaurant Insurance: Why Consulting a Professional Insurance Broker Can Save You Money


As a restaurant owner, you understand the importance of protecting your business against unforeseen risks. Irish restaurant owners know that insurance is a crucial investment that safeguards your establishment, employees and customers. It’s certainly not a desired cost for proprietors, but a necessary one. When it comes time to renewing your insurance policy, it is essential to approach the process strategically. If you deal directly with the main insurance company, are you really getting the right cover; are they working on your behalf to get you the best possible value for money; there are many questions that you should ask yourself before allowing a policy to auto-renew. Research will show that consulting an insurance broker before renewal can offer numerous benefits, including potential cost savings and improved cover and protection. Here's why you should consider partnering with

Our restaurant insurance professionals have a proven record providing tailored cover that covers even the most minimal risks to your business. Navigating the complexities of restaurant insurance policies, or any insurance policies in the hospitality sector, can be overwhelming. We specialise in understanding the intricacies of different coverage options, and can provide tailored advice based on your restaurant's unique needs. We assess your current policy, identify gaps in coverage, and recommend adjustments to ensure comprehensive protection.

Our access to multiple carriers gives you access to a broader range of options than if you were to approach a single insurer directly. This access allows us to negotiate competitive rates and find policies and customised solutions that offer the best value for your restaurant. Every restaurant has its own unique set of risks and requirements. That is why a standard policy obtained directly from a main insurance company may leave your business vulnerable. At, we have the ability to customise a policy to address specific concerns relevant to your establishment, whether it's liability coverage for slip-and-fall accidents, or protection against property damage.

Beyond securing your insurance coverage, we can help you implement risk management strategies to minimise potential claims and losses. This proactive approach demonstrates to insurers that your restaurant is committed to safety, which in turn can result in lower premiums.

Recently, I have spoken with a number of gastro pubs and restaurants who have made significant investment into upgrading their restaurant's infrastructure. While many felt that the investment would increase the cost of their cover, given the value of the property would increase, it actually reduced their insurance premium.

Enhancing and investing in safety upgrades, such as fire suppression systems, security cameras, and employee training programs, can help mitigate risks and reduce the likelihood of accidents or incidents occurring on your premises. Insurers will often reward businesses with proactive safety measures by offering a lower premium.

Regular maintenance and upkeep of your restaurant's building and equipment not only ensures a pleasant dining experience for customers, but also demonstrates your commitment to risk prevention. Insurers may view well-maintained properties as a lower risk, resulting in more favourable insurance rates.

If you have embraced technology solutions, such as point-of-sale systems with integrated inventory management and surveillance software, this can streamline operations and minimise potential losses due to theft or inventory discrepancies. Some insurers may offer discounts for utilising advanced technology that enhances security and operational efficiency.

As you can see, it is important and beneficial to talk to a broker when renewing your restaurant insurance. It presents a great opportunity to review your coverage, explore cost-saving measures, and enhance your risk management strategies. Consulting with our insurance brokers can provide invaluable expertise and access to a wide range of insurance options, tailored to your restaurant's needs. By investing in upgrades that prioritise safety and efficiency, you not only protect your business, but also potentially reduce your insurance premium over time. Take proactive steps today to secure the future of your restaurant. Talk to our team on 

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